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When in investing in your wardrobe, footwear or even accessories, higher quality goods come into play.

Most people go for the cheaper products for convenience, but then realize it wasn’t a convenience in the long run. I know this to be true from personal experience.

I learned this first hand by the simple fact that all my purchases of lower end quality have been a burden in my life and closet space.

When buying cheaper products you tend to create more waste in money and in the environment in the long run.

I think it’s fair to say social media has a big role to play in this fast fashion we live in. I am guilty of this too. In the past, I’ve made purchases that lasted less than 3 months and had to get rid off because they were no longer wearable, not even good enough for donations.

The goal is now to buy smarter to gain the benefit of that product by having better quality and a longer lasting product. This also reduces the amount of products which avoids cluttering in my personal space. Having less clutter equals real convenience.

In the long run you will see that numbers don’t lie. When you do the math. You may have spent more money on clothing or shoes of lesser quality. It’s time we think smarter with our investments in fashion.

I recommend you do your research on the company’s quality control. If you do your assessment and it fits your needs then it can potentially become a good investment.

I personally try my best to invest in smaller brands, companies, or boutiques that offer better quality without sacrificing my wallet too much. In the end, I rather save a little more and then purchase the product that benefits me in the long run. Keep this in mind when making your next purchase; “Quality is key for a long term investment.“

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